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You have been operated for breast cancer. Now the question for the best possible treatment to prevent the cancer from coming back arises. This risk of recurrence is based on your tumour characteristics. To reach cancer cells that may have spread at the time of surgery beyond the breast and nearby tissues your doctor uses drugs that can be given as pills or by injection. This type of treatment is called systemic or adjuvant treatment. Examples of systemic treatment include chemotherapy, hormone therapy and antibody therapy.

The "best" combination may not yet have been discovered. So there are mayor clinical studies under way. Worldwide leading breast cancer specialists are regularly formulating guidelines based on these study results. The statements of the authors are their views of currently accepted approaches to treatment.

St. Gallen Consensus Conference

National Comprehensive Cancer Net 2007

With this program „Adjuvant Consensus“ you have access to information on the way how world leading experts are treating breast cancer. By putting in your tumour characteristics you will able to find out what these experts and guidelines suggest. The expert opinions are intended to assist you in a discussion with your doctor. The guidelines do not replace the expertise and clinical judgment of your doctor.

Your data input will be anonymously. You make the decision whether to proceed with any activity that requests your input. If you do not wish to provide the requested information, however, you may not be able to complete the transaction.

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